Thank you for choosing Femboy Hooters tonight! Come on in, take a seat, and enjoy our nice selection of femboy, meat, and drinks!

Friday 9pm-12am EST

Syncshell info
UID: FemboyHooters
PC: RanchSauce

*Femboy Hooters is a FFXIV™ softcore restaurant RP venue and that is strictly it. There is some adult themes and services, but everyone is welcome to come, relax, and have a good time with friends.

*The stage is always open to any bard who wants to play, except for during special events.

This is a weapon free establishment, thank you.


Temmo Cocorya
Owner | He/Him | 18+

Originally from the Golmore Jungle, Temmo has spent much of his young life defending his tribe. Before exploring the world and settling down in Eorzea, he lived among the tribes of the Azim Steppe. Though sporting a solemn demeanor, he is overly protective of the ones closest to him. Feel free to say hi to him if you see him out and about! He won't bite, unless you ask him to.
Favorite Menu Item:
Fried Pickles

Vivyn Animesian
Manager | He/Him | 18+

Nagxian born in Sharlayan and lives in Ishgard, Vivyn is the self-proclaimed cutest of the Femboys. Normally full of elegance and sophistication, Vivs here finds himself always half dressed and wanting to make his lustful patrons happy, no matter the request. When not on shift, he is busy cataloging every single venue in Eorzea!
Favorite Menu Item: Himself

Aiko Huter
Assistant | She/Her

Being brought up in the outskirts of New Gridania, Aiko was raised learning how to forage and take care of farm animals. Once the Seventh Umbral Calamity hit Eoreza she had lost her family, Temmo had found her and adopted her. After finding her new home at hooters she does everything she can to make sure the staff and customers are happy and smiling!
Favorite Menu Item: Tendies

Greeter | He/Him | 18+

Tamaki is a fun, caring person who loves to meet and see his friends often. You can often find him helping and taking care of others to see them smile and laugh. Enjoyer of headpats and being a goofball.
Favorite Menu Item:
Tea of any kind

Aloysius Amaryllis | Bartender
He/Him | 18+ (Tall males only)

An Enigmatic Viera from a faraway land. Aloysius is a master of fae magic and the art of summoning egis. Hailing from a small Veena tribe that celebrates the moon, he especially enjoys lunar themed items or aesthetics.
Favorite Menu Item:
Shirley Temple

Ryuko Hime
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

From a snow covered village of the Skatay Range, Ryuko now wanders Eorzea wherever the wind and sword may take him taking in its many beautiful sights, though often finding himself lost and relying on the kindness of strangers for directions. In his spare time alone, Ryuko enjoys cultivating flowers.
Favorite Menu Item:
Fish & Chips

Yosuke Yolkstar
Waiter | She/Her | 18+

Adopted by Hyur Parents and raised in Limsa Lominsa, Yosuke has lived a life full of bizarre adventures. He adores fashion and dressing up to look as cute and fabulous as possible. He loves to chat and learn about people's interests.
Favorite Menu Item:
Huge Sausage

Cheren Viauxour
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

Cheren is kind, gentle, and enjoys all things cute and sweet. This albino delights in playful fun and making people smile. Favorite colors are pink and white. He has a fondness for spirits and familiars. His own familiar is a bunny named Chichan. Cheren is always eager to meet new people & learn about their day or stories, though he may come off as shy from his desire to be liked.
Favorite Menu Item:
Phallic Shaped Cookies

Mikh'a Lanbatal
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

Mikh’a is a fun loving miqo’te who loves to meet new people. He is shy at first, but once he realizes he can be himself he can be quite energetic. He enjoys flirting but often finds himself lost in his own blush and giggles. His favorite color is red and he enjoys cooking in his off time. Mikh’a also has a tendency to take on competition, especially in drinking competitions, but he can’t actually hold much liquor.
Favorite Menu Item:
Phallic Shaped Cookies

Evroult Alunastra | Waiter
He/Him/They/Them | 18+

Born in Ilsabard, Evroult has come a long way to get where they are now! Soft-hearted and kind, they learned form of healing from their homeland: aetherweaving. With this, he can heal some of the toughest wounds! They've been cultivating a new technique that mirrors the fantasia, Marvel in this by requesting a more slender vanilla milkshake from him.
Favorite Menu Item:
Cum Brulee

Max Green
Waiter | She/Her

Max is a quiet but friendly cat who loves making friends and casting spells, born in Gridania she spent her early years as an apprentice White Mage before eventually leaving for Ul'Dah and joining the Thaumaturges Guild and exploring the world.
Favorite Menu Item:
Bussy Juice

Sin Fatima
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

Hailed from a barbaric tribe of Ravas past the Skatay Range, renamed Sin Fatima by his brother, he travels along the land of Eorzea, helping all in need. He is proficient in healing magic and considers himself a talent in alchemy though he can’t guarantee the safety of those who drink his “experimental products.” He is energetic, and kind, and in his free time he loves finding new clothes to wear!
Favorite Menu Item:

Crystal Desire
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

Studium Professor by day, bubbly attendant by night.
Crystal found himself fond of Old Sharlayan so he planted his roots there after dismissing himself from his tribe. The snow haired Vi loves attending to others no matter what the need is. If he isn't working, you'll find him skimming through tomes while humming his favorite tunes.
Favorite Menu Item:
Huge Sausage

Mao Mizuno
Waiter | He/Him

Born in Gridania, Mao was taken from his home at an early young age and was raised in Kugane as part of the yakuza. After leaving the criminal organization on his own terms, he is now a free viera trying to have a fresh start towards life and will always try to serve the best way he can.
Favorite Menu Item:
Cum Brûlée

Love Doll
Waiter | He/Him | 18+

Be blessed, Eorzea! Your beloved bimbo bunny has arrived at your local Femboy Hooters! While he's mostly known for his sensual photoshoots on "OnlyBuns," Kai is eager to show off some of his other natural talents- like looking hot while taking your order and stacking your tips upon his fan-favourite rear! This charming yet vain ditz is sure to make your evening a memorable one!
Favorite Menu Item:
House Salad

Evelyn Strange
Waiter | He/Him
Favorite Menu Item:

Private Rooms

Temmo's room

Emet-Selch's room

Tall Fungus's room

Vivyn's room

Bechamel's locker room

Lavande's room

Aloysius's room